Voice Of Experts

Meet Our In-House Experts

With an experience of about a 100 years, we know how to deliver you the healthiest and the purest milk but it’s always better to get an expert’s opinion…

Dr. Shailender Kumar Srivastava


Shailender Kumar Srivastava is a Certified Livestock Advisor (CLA) and has a Diploma in Food Safety. He has studied A.H. and has done his bachelors in veterinary science (BVSc). Having worked with Amroon Foods and Parag Dairy, he is highly experienced and very passionate about diary. He believes in developing a wholesome approach which produces a good quality of milk while prioritizing the animal’s welfare. He has helped us to create a healthy and happy natural environment for the cows. We follow his “grass to glass” policy according to which, providing the cattle with good food naturally makes the milk more nutritious. His strategies have enable us to find cost-effective solutions to increase our yield. He thinks that Samurai’s process allows for a comfortable and stress-free milking environment where cows are truly loved and cared for.

Dr. Sangeeta Malik


Sangeeta Malik is a doctor in naturopathy and a certified Nutritionist & Lifestyle Weight Management specialist. She is a H.O.D. of Diet and Nutrition at J.I.M.S. and is also the owner and founder of ‘Orange Clinic.’ She has always met clients who prefer taste over nutrition. This is why she has always been a fan of homogenized milk. Homogenized milk tastes better and can be used to make delicious shakes Therefore, it provides an excellent opportunity to help the client with their nutritional goals without compromising with the taste. She is always ready to help our clients should any issues with the milk arise. She also helps us to stay organic in our approach and perhaps that’s why our milk tastes better!

Monika Manchanda


Monika Manchanda is a clinical nutritionist and lifestyle and weight loss specialist. Also a diabetes educator, she has devoted her life for empowering lives through diet. She has worked as a dietician at OrigynIVF and is currently the founder and owner of ‘Diet Mantra by Monika.’ With her experience in the dietary world, she is aware of the high nutritional value good milk holds. However, the addition of chemical preservatives degrades the quality of milk. She has always ensured that Samurai delivers 100% Unadulterated and Chemical Free milk by helping to us keep a check on the nutritional index of our milk. She enables us to deliver a Superior Quality of Milk so that has been especially balanced to be a supplement for growing children as well as the adults.