Our Happy Clients


  • Amit Dhar

    “Milk quality is excellent.lts a relief that in today's world there are vendors who sell pure and good quality milk. The flavored milk quality is also excellent and the flavors are also cool. I have tried them. You should also try them. The curd that we make out of this milk is sweet and better than what we get from other vendors like mother dairy. Hope they keep up with the quality in the near future also.”

    New Delhi
  • Jatinder Singh Tinna

    “The cow's milk we are using from Samurai Dairy. Its quality and milk tast is very good. It is also very light to drink. I thank Samurai Dairy's team on my behalf and on behalf of my family. Whose hard work and honesty we get this pure milk. And we hope that in the same way, we will continue to give this kind of service in the future as well.”

    New Delhi
  • Menka Kohli

    “The quality and taste of milk is distinctly good. The service and freshness is beyond words. I am happy that the First time in India, my family is drinking Milk which is really beneficial for their health otherwise Every-time we tried in past any Milk we got sick. Thank you Samurai Dairy.”

    New delhi
  • Ankit Arora

    “I'm delighted to tell you that samurai dairy cow milk is the best milk I ever tried. It so pure and naturally delicious with no preservatives and antibiotics. The best part about samurai milk is,it unadulterated and ready to drink (No boiling required). Their flavored variant are so amazing with the perfect amount of sugar! Thank you samurai dairy product for introducing such a good quality of milk.”

    New delhi
  • New delhi

    “I'm Glad That I Subscribed for milk delivery with Samurai Dairy. Unlike any milk providers whom I dealt with, were not supplying the Milk as pure as you guys are. Genuinely Thankful to Samurai Dairy. A truly Honest & Noble work done.”

    Pradeep Chauhan
  • Yaksh Joon

    “Samurai Dairy Milk is my Favourite milk because it tastes deliciously different from other milks. I love samurai milk and use it in my every day drink bourn vita, milk Shakes and many more drinks. I love samurai,it has the best milk.”

    New delhi