Our Team
At the end of the day, 'people’ can make everything happen!

We have always been a family at Samurai. Our team includes people from all backgrounds and places who share a compulsion for providing quality and a love for our gorgeous cows! Our parent company, Ikaruga, has been delivering high quality milk in Japan for over a century and since India is one of the largest consumer of milk and milk products, they decided to make the same quality accessible in India as well. too. This is what gave birth to ‘Samurai Dairy’ and ‘making 100% natural milk available to all’ is the vision we hope to achieve. Every Samurai employee is committed to ensuring that the healthiest of milk reaches your table in its pristine condition. Our specialists in the research department constantly find new ways to improve our milk quality while our farm managers and veterinarian doctors take perfect care of our cows! Our collaborative bond and our deep-seated values has always guided us ahead and we believe it to be the force that will always keep us growing.

We are a Japanese company, therefore, values and ethics reflect deeply in our functioning.

We respect the cows for being such generous providers and try to do everything possible to ensure that they feel comfortable with us. Our discipline and dedication towards bringing our customers the best is what has empowered us to deliver pure and fresh milk at your doorstep without missing a beat. Our Japanese influence has also promoted us to constantly research for new innovations to improve the nutritional index of our milk. But above all, we have always believed in maintaining an honest and transparent relationship with our consumers. We value the trust that our clients have in us and we try our hardest to uphold that with our quality. We believe that our customers are an integral part of the Samurai Family and providing them with the healthiest and purest milk is, therefore, our responsibility. We find true happiness in delivering health and natural goodness to every doorstep and feel proud to have played a part in developing a confident and healthier world.