Our Farm

Our farm is located on a 1.8 acre land beside the Delhi-Agra NH2 in Palwal, Haryana. Situated on a national highway, it allows for a seamless connectivity to multiple big cities and states. Built with the state-of-the-art Japanese technology, it was built with a vision of making pure, chemical-free milk accessible to people. We use fully automated equipments, imported from Israel, to ensure that the milk is collected and bottled in its pristine condition, without the touch of human hands.Our Pedigreed cows rest in a comfortable and pampering cow-shed which is laden with water sprinklers and automated brushes. These water sprinklers help maintain a perfect external temperatures which ensure that they are happy and contented. We grow our fodder on our farm without using any chemicals to ensure that our cows are fed with the best quality of food. We want our cows to feel safe and happy, which is why we have ensured that our farm gives them a natural care giving environment.

Milk Process

Before our vision started materializing, we spent 1-2 years doing vigorous research to find the most flawless milk production process. We knew that we wanted our process to be completed automated since we wanted to ensure that our milk is delivered in its pristine quality therefore we designed every step very meticulously. The cows are, first, fed on a home-grown 100% organic fodder in a comfortable, natural environment. They are then taken to the milking parlor, where milk is collected by our advanced automated machines and transferred to the processing unit. In the processing unit the milk is homogenized and pasteurized and made ready to be bottled. After bottling the milk into the pre-sterilized bottles, it is chilled to make sure it retains its freshness through its journey from our farm to your house. The milk is tested 4 times during this process to ensure it is of impeccable quality. Our milk is free from any additives, antibiotics, chemical preservatives or hormones.