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A little story about us

Why Us?

Samurai Dairy committed to international standards of product quality. Our product portfolio includes Milk, Yogurt, Flavoured Milk under the brand names of Samurai Dairy, all made from Homogenised & pasteurised cow’s milk.An honest attempt to serve everyone nutritious, chemical-free and preservative-free untouched by human milk. We ensure the milk stays safe by using cold supply chain processes.It's an equivalent of serving fresh whole milk from your own farm while being present in an urban living

Why We Are The Best?
100% Natural Milking Cycle.

The cows are not given any hormonal injections to boost the milk yield.No manipulation with Natural Milking Cycle.

No Preservatives & Adulterants

The milk obtained from the cows is unadulterated and does not have any preservatives.

Hygienic & Milking Conditions

We ensure our cattle sheds & cattle are washed multiple times during the day. The milking of cows is done by automatic milking machine and is untouched by hands.

Environment Friendly

Our brand values don’t go with plastic or anti-environment materials, thus we use glass bottles for packaging.

Pastuerized & Homogenised

Milk is chilled to 2℃ in Bulk Milk Coolers. At this temperature the natural goodness of milk is retained without any harmful bacterial growth.

Regular Quality Checks

Samples of our milk are regularly checked & passed by FSSAI accredited labs for any trace of chemicals, pesticides or toxins.